Today we start the week talking about survival, one of my favorite topics. One thing that amazes me is how long you can survive with such basic objects: a knife and some rope for example; however, you can have every tool in the world, but unless you know how to use it, you chances of survival are close to none.

Please contribute with a survival story, a tip, a quote , picture or other media related materials.

Survival English:

Know how to tell the time know how to order food in a restaurant know how to ask for time and date

know how to give directions know how to ask for the bathroom know how to read a bus and train schedule know how to indicate wrong change know how to pay a ticket know how to give a complement, be modest or grateful. know your rights.



Welcome to the web page. Here’s where you can find all of the media related to the class. You can also contribute to this blog with questions, comments or dialogue. I will try to initiate discussion with questions and short expansions on the topics we cover in the class, but your initiative is strongly encouraged. Please, respect others, use, and enjoy.

It says the answer is 2.

It says the answer is 2.