The week of thanksgiving we talked about 3 different aspects associate with the holiday: Football,  Black Friday and American Indians.  Not many of you were so interested in football.  I think you found the rules very confusing, and the game quite barbaric.  Mostly you couldn’t for the life of you understand why football is called football when a majority of the game is played with the hands.  I have no idea either!  However, football is such a major part of American culture and such a staple of Thanksgiving that I felt it warranted being discussed.




    Why football? just because they kick a ball around 5% of all one game. Its a strange sport where you can find some wrestlers and two teams playing with similar characteristics one attack and the other one have to defend, another characteristics are that they need a strong guys defending meanwhile the other team who attack needs fast and athletic guys who can run fast and catch a long pass. Its a complicate game that seems to be simple but behind the players are one couch who is planning whats the best way to attack and across the defense of the other team. Everybody have to be organize because one small mistake could be enough to lost the game. The interest part of this game at least for me its the money around the game, some people bet a lot of money even the advertising its huge and we can see a lot of this in tv commercials in the middle times. something funny its that a lot of the players star playing American football and some of them finish his carers as a wrestler like in the WWE (world wrestling entertainment)

  2. Football is a good sport but not for me because I love the best sport around the world and this is soccer the real football, but I don’t have any problems with this American football. I just admired these football players because they must be a phisically strong person to tackle a other player to stop him and get a touchdown. One thing that I can’t understand is why do people go to watch a game and can stay for 5 hours. Damn it!

  3. I dont understand why people like this kind of sport! 🙂 but the important thing is that they get fun playing it and also watching it. lol

    well i just wanted to say hello to you and the rest of the class!!!
    I really miss the classes, the topics and my classmates! 🙂
    thanks dave for everything!!!

    take care guys.

  4. From Salif:

    Most stories of Thanksgiving history start with the harvest celebration of the pilgrims and indians that took place in autumn of 1621. They did have those day feast and the local indians did participate and this feast was not holiday simple a gathering. Lincoln became the first president to proclaim thanksgiving day. Most school children are taught that the first thanksgiving was held in 1621 with the pilgrims and indians. They had earlier fled their home in England and sailed to Holland to escape religious persecution. When the pilgrims set ground at Plymouth rock on December 11, 1620. Their first winter was devastating. Many years passed before the event was repeated. It was June until June 1676 that another day of thanksgiving was proclaimed. On June 20. It is notable that this thanksgiving celebration probably did not include the indians. A hundred years laters, in october of 1777, all 13 colonies joined in a thanksgiving celebration. There was discord among the colonies, many feeling the hardship of a few pilgrims did not warrant a national holiday. And thanksgiving was proclaimed by every president after Lincoln. And in 1941 Thanksgiving was finally sanctioned by congress as a legal holiday, as the fourth Thursday in November.


  6. Happy holidays River!

  7. Hey K-rito,

    We miss you too! You know you can stop by at any time. You’re always welcome.

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