Goodbye River


The one thing I dislike about teaching ESL is that you guys leave.   Goodbye to you Hudson.  You were a pleasure to teach to and learn from as our relationship was reciprocal.  There is always a place for you in our class.  You better keep in touch through the website!  Good luck to you in all of your future endeavors.

Listen to The River speak.



  1. Hudson, my friend!
    I have to tell you that the class was not the same without you.
    Where are the `toc`s` at the door at 7:30?? I miss you…
    However, I wish all the best for you and your family! It was a pleasure to meet you!
    `YOU KNOW WHAT` Thanks for everything!
    I hope that we will be able to meet ourselves one day. My house is open for you. You shoud try our barbecue, hehe
    God bless you and you wife!
    Kisses, my friend…
    See you soon! 🙂

  2. Hi Friends how is everything? Once more I would like to thank you guys for my last English class, at Harvest Institute, yesterday. It’s really hard to say goodbye, especially for those ones that we really care. That’s why I prefer to say: – I’ll see you! or -Until one day! (Até um dia! – I’m not sure if it makes sense in English, let me know fellows. Ok? Ahahaha!).
    I’m truly glad to meet you David. From you I have learning more than American English, I’m sure that. You had brought very interesting topics into our conversation classes; and made that with enthusiasm that belongs to you. Thank you so much for share your knowledge and “tools”, including this blog. I’d like to thank, also, all my classmates for their contribution in my learning about English and their country of origin; including here my compatriots.
    In short, very special thanks to Mrs. Christine, Jana, Joao, Joe, Henrique, Emily and Robinson.
    God bless you!
    The River
    p.s.: For those ones whom want to drop me a line is my e-mail.

  3. Pink you know what?!
    My first day here, without you guys, wasn’t the best one that I had had.
    Life is like that… one day you get back, another day you have to carry on your trip.
    But never forget to make friends as much as you can. And you ,always very kind, Gibosky sisters, know how to do that. 😉
    I miss you my friends.
    Take care


    The River

  4. I don’t know if this link works…
    but its a nice picture… hehe
    kisses for everybody…
    and Hudson, the class misses you…
    The same way that u sad, I don’t have words to describe when somebody leaves our lives, or our class :), but this kind of feeling is not so good…
    u know what? Good luck and see u soon in Brazil

  5. Hey Camila… You know what?!
    This link, that you posted, doesn’t working. Could you send us that picture, please?
    Have a nice weekend guys!

    The River

  6. sure my dear… I know that it doesn’t work…
    I am going to send my pictures to you this week, and I want yours pics too, ok…
    I think you have more than me, and better…
    when u come back to Newark, go to Harvest again, just to say bye, ok!!!

  7. Hey guys I just arrived in Brazil.
    I’ll send some pictures soon. Regards
    The River

  8. Hudson, `you know what!`
    I miss you…
    Could you send us some pics?? We have some for you too…
    My e-mail:
    Thanks! 😉
    I`m going to say again: I really miss you…
    Why do friends have to live far away from us?

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