Class trip


This is not a hoax.  This band of marauders actually went to…

bn152 Barnes and Noble!  Check the photos here.



  1. Hey Ebenimzo
    Here is the thing !!! You should suggest more classes like this !! Cultural stuff help us to learn more !!
    I believe you should suggest something as travel to some place close for the day time !! Phila is a very nice place, whit a lot of history about the America, what could be very nice to learn followed by an American Teacher.
    And I don’t know if you e-mail is yahoo or aol, then I’m sending to both the answer for the exercise. I didn’t cheat, so maybe you will find some wrong.

  2. I agree with Leo because we can learn about culture and language. Going to american places we can listen and talk in English! hehe
    We could go to a museum too. It would be nice! 😉

  3. we have to get classes like this again…

  4. Wuauuuu!!!! an amazing class trip!.
    Yeah! i’m completely agree with my classmates, we must have more classes like this one. I loved it, i saw the band so happy in that place and the most important thing is that everytime we are outside, we are getting more and more involved into the american culture, that is the best thing to us.
    My freinds! your money was very good invested-in a wonderful trip!!! keep it up!.
    Good wishes to all you!

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