Earth Day


Celebrating Earth Day, we are reminded of the perils our natural environment faces due to the catastrophic effects of global warming.  The above picture illustrates only one of the many environmental changes brought about since the earth has begun to warm, and the effects these changes have on the species living in them.  This polar bear is literally treading thin ice, and the less ice there is, the more real the possibility of its extinction becomes.  This is a devastating truth not only for Artic polar bears, iguanas, birds and frogs, but more frighteningly so for our own species, the human being.

There is a wealth of scientific data comfirming the existence of global warming and its origins from human activity which is undisputed. This is the subject of the Academy-Award winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, by Nobel prize winner Al Gore.  After viewing this in class, I hope you have become more informed about the topic of global warming, but more importantly, that you will become more active in contributing to its eradication.



  1. Great topic!
    That documentary was amazing! We have to think about global warming and start doing something for our planet and ourselves. The temperature of the Earth is increasing and it is our fault! If each person starts making less polution and teach it to somebody, we can make the Earth a better place to live, to our children live…
    In Rio Grande do Sul, we always celebrate the Earth Day (Dia da Arvore) on Abril 22nd. There were manifestations about polution, students planted trees and learned how to separate the garbage, how to recycle paper and make less polution, etc.
    In conclusion, if each person do a little bit, we can change this situation because people, together, can everything!

  2. After this class I coud remember that during 4 years, when I had studied in the university, my professors used to advert us about this big dial…
    I am so sad because this situation.
    I don’t want to write about this anymore…

  3. Hello friends!
    Well… I don’t remember when nor whom brought this subject into the media but I’m sure that it happened nearly twenty years ago. Meanwhile much was said and almost nothing have been done. WE, human beings, are predators for all species including ourselves. We still spending too much resources from mother nature (oil, electricity, water… and increasing ours demand, generation by generation, each time faster than before. But all natural resources are bad used and finite too. The worse thing among so many calamities is… We don’t have more twenty years to start acting! The future had already begun. So we must consider great or radical modifications in our way of life soon or get a ride on some piece of ice melting, like polar bears do.

    Take care guys!

  4. Thanks for the great comment River.

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