This is a picture of the known, observable universe.  Don’t get too fixated; the universe is constantly expanding and growing.  However, if you look closely,top-center, you can see a unit of measurement, very small in size in the picture; almost unfathomably large in reality.  That’s right, to traverse the distance being measured there, it would take you more than one billion light years.  In other words, if you traveled at the speed of light, some 187,000 miles per second, it would take you more than a billion years to get from point a to point b–absolutely amazing!  And yet the size of the universe is only one of many seemingly incomprehensible facts about our home.  The universe is filled with paradoxes, oxymorons, enigmas, mysteries and unknowns.  Among them are the space/time fabric of Einstein, the black holes of Hawking, string theory of modern physics, and the big bang theory of Hubble, not even mentioning parallel universes and Drake’s Equation! (see below)  The endearing dichotomy of complexity and simplicity which rules the universe will never cease to amaze me.  You may not be as amazed as I am.  Although, I hope you have found this topic interesting.


Do you believe?  According to the Drake Equation, there are more than 10,000 intelligent civilizations in our Milky Way galaxy alone, confounding given that we have yet to hear from one of them, or have we?   It’s hard to imagine that in a universe so vast, so alive and so infinite that we humans living on a tiny speck of dust are truly the only intelligent life forms in the universe.  Some groups spend their lives trying to prove that this isn’t so, such as ufologists and SETI.  There is even a famous scientific equation, the Drake Equation, which aims to prove that intelligent life exists on other planets through mathematical deduction.  UFOlogists try to prove this to us by showing us pictures of alien aircraft or pictures of actual aliens.   The only ones who seem to continually try to disprove this is the U.S. government, who ironically enough, might be the only ones who have hard proof that aliens exist.  It is purported that alien aircraft crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1951.  The site remains a tourist destination for many people.  No matter what your opinion may be, the discussion of intelligent life forms will continue as long as there is a sky to wonder at.



  1. Dave
    Man !! Your picture is amazing !! When did you take it ?!?!?

  2. Hey ! Now serious !
    I read the topic, and I visited the website (Drake Equation) he is being a little bit optimist. I simulated some different idea, and came back an amazing difference. In my case I found 2 planets in the universe able to have intelligent life.
    I do believe that is strongly possible some other planets having intelligent life, but interstellar intelligence is too much for 100% of them, as he believes.
    I believe that we found already some visitors in our planet, as the case in Varginha – Brazil, which has been hidden by the government, because they believe the humans would not support to know about it, they would crash in a crazy pandemonium. I just don’t know why.
    I found several links in English that describe the case.
    Indeed nothing has been proved. And up to now only the city has been taken advantage of this, because, like in Roswell, the city created a full marketing to attract tourism to the city.
    Well !! I believe in ETs. Even if they don’t believe in us.

  3. Intelligent life out of our planet? Could be possibility or not and why we are thinking that we are the
    only one on this universe. When we look the size of the universe it is very strange for somebody to
    think that we are alone. Universe is contain about 200 billions of galaxies and only that information makes us to think that we can`t be alone. First photos of further galaxies and stars are made by Hubble satellite. This satellite shows us photos of bornning and dieing some stars and galaxies. In those photos we can see how some planets are starting to grow up. By some theories how the earth become we can see that is almost same way and that make us to think, if our planet was born in same way and we have
    oxygen, water and other minerals there is a big possibility that some other planet has the same environment and that there is extra terrestrial life. Universe is contain about 75% of dark matter and there is a lot of black holes who are eating galaxies. Some scientists think that they can use black holes for time travel and this is also one of the reasons that if on whole universe are no life, why they will spend so much money and time. Just to see stars? But who knows like Fox Molder sad The Truth Is Out There.

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