As we come to the end of our conversation class, I would just like to thank all of you for the immense joy you gave me from being able to share my knowledge of the English language and American culture with you as you did with your native language and country with me.  It is so true that the teacher learns from the students as much as the students do from the teacher.  I had a great time teaching all of you and hope to work with you again some time in the near future.  Good luck to you all and may your English continue to improve.  Thanks again.  Good night : )



  1. Hey teacher…
    I miss your classes and you….
    We had a great time and I hope that you teach us again…
    I wasn’t a very good example like a student :D, but I like you and I want to say that you are one of the best teachers that I had, even though sometimes I couldn’t understand your little accent …
    take care

  2. Hey professor…
    First of all, thanks!
    You are a good person and a great teacher!
    I loved to learn english and American culture with you. You did a great job, keep going…
    I miss your classes! How I was happy there… with good friends around…
    I remember each class with you… the topics were great! I could talk about american culture to my friends. I could sing the National Anthem at the hockey games, I could watch a football game and understand it, I could know about american literature and TV shows (Kevin Arnold S2), and yesterday I could see pictures about black holes at a museum and I could say: we studied it in class… wow… it was amazing! Oh, now I know that the American flag has 50 stars…
    All these things I will tell in Brazil, all these things I will keep with me forever!
    Thanks again!
    Good luck and all the best to you !
    Pink 🙂

  3. Hey, the both of you, thank you so much for attending our class and making it a really enjoyable place to go to everyday. I;ll never forget the spirit, energy, warmth, and laughter that you brought to the class, even when you weren’t feeling so inspired. You are rare students. I’m sure you will continue to learn much more in the future, and I hope it is with me.

  4. So cute!
    Pois… I don`t know why you need vacation… you should teach us forever! Teachers don`t need vacation. It is an easy job… hehe
    You are the best, I already told you!
    Take care!
    Kisses 🙂

  5. What??? FI M ???
    Gee! How sad this word is. I wish i could be there with you guys at this moment, i bet it was terrible for everyone let this “mad teacher” go way.

    Miss you guys every evening without improve my english day-by-day as Dave’s done with us.

    You’re a great guy and a awesome teacher! The best i’ve ever have.

    By the way, you should try to get an airplane to visit Brazil and, for sure, visit Arraial D’Ajuda. Mi casa es su casa!

    I bet you won’t regret.

    Bye guys,
    Take care!

  6. Yeah, i agree with Camila, Pink and Pirate in gender, number and degree…hahahahahaha,(this make no sense in english, however in portuguese, it does), i had a great time being your student, i’ve learned a lot and, i don’t want to threaten you, but remember, the “END” is near 21-DEC-2012, if i were you, called everyone back and start the classes again…..
    See you sonn man and who knows…one day….who knows…..
    Thanks a lot. for everything…
    ToPrOnTo !!!!

  7. Yo Pirate,

    Long time, no hear. Glad to see you checking back at the website. Yes, unfortunately the class has ended. Keep in touch with us through facebook. By the way, saw the work you had done with your English learning website. Great job man!

  8. To Pronto,

    Gonna miss your energy. When you came, 😉 you came to learn. You’re a serious student. Let’s try to meet up before the apocalypse, alright cara?

  9. Happy NEW YEAR David and ESL students!!!

    You guys I’ll be in my mind FOREVER!!!

    Take care and leave me a message.


    The RIVER 12/31/2009

  10. Hey River! Happy New Year! You should get on facebook or twitter to keep in touch.
    How are your English studies coming by the way? I hope you’re still studying.

    um abraco

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