Pronunciation Media

Here is the V pronunciation class.  Listen again here.

Listen here to Elanor Rigby, a fantastic Beatles song written by Paul McCartney.  Listen and practice singing this song, which demonstrates exactly how the rhythm of an English sentence should be.



  1. Hi Davi ! Thanks to help us to pronounce the words better! good night

  2. Anytime Geneci. And thank you for being the first person to leave a comment! I hope to find more.

  3. Good night Teacher!!!
    David I was reviewing these lessons.
    Please let me know about our last spoken English test.
    Have a nice weekend.

    The RIVER

  4. You did real good. You applied lots of the concepts we learned in class, especially the two ways of pronouncing documentary and elementary. You should review these words though for the future: interesting (stress) separate, deliberate, beverage, reasonable, chocolate (vowel sounds). Once again, good work.

  5. Teacher!
    I`m listening the past tense sounds…
    Thanks for help us. I liked the game with the balls. I think that we learned a lot!
    Have a great Sunday!
    See you…

  6. Glad to see that you are practicing Giovana. Your linking is really good. Keep it up! Have a great weekend.

  7. Hi Teacher!
    How are you?
    Could you send me the rules of `t` (as in Manhattan and little)?
    I wasn`t in class that day, so I`ve lost your explanation.
    I appreciate it!

  8. Hey Pink,

    The rules for double T are quite simple. If the word ends with either an er or le then you pronounce the word with a flap sound as in little. If the word ends in n, then you pronounce with a glottal sound as in Manhattan. Remember that these rules are not universal. They only apply to North American English, specifically, Northeastern American English. If you have any other questions, please let me know. Take care

  9. Hiiii
    Thanks, teacher!
    See you soon… : )


    Good evening fellows!!!
    You guys can use this link as a dictionary to know several information about any word like their meaning, idioms, antonyms, etc in English as well in your own language. To set up your language and others features, click on the word that you had typed and then in personalize.
    Enjoy this tool and improve your spoken English.
    Have a nice week, I’ll see you in our next class.

    The River

  11. Hi teacher!
    I`m here looking for something that can help me in pronunciation…
    I have practiced the th sounds. It`s hard!
    I liked the pronunciation class on Friday because it was funny and we could learn a lot! Phonetics is amazing when we understand it!
    See you soon…

  12. Hi teacher!

    I’m completly lost because I don´t know where can I write the answer of conversation class so could you please show me where. By the way, I think that this is a good website where I find a lot of link where learn. Great job!!

    Thank you in advance!

  13. Hey Joel,

    Anything that you want to post on the website should be done on the HOME page. At the bottom of each post you can find the word “comment”. Click on that and then scroll to the bottom and you will see a black box in which you can write a post. You don’t have to post your answers. Just check them; if you want to post about Newark, feel free to do so. I’ll address any other questions you have in class tomorrow. Thanks.

  14. This is for you, my brazilian friends…

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